FSA Migrator

Consolidate your archived File Server data and prepare it for re-targeting by Enterprise Vault.

FSA Migrator At a glance

Many organisations deploy FSA on several file servers but do not plan well for the growth of those locations.  This leads to fragments of data, some archived, some not, on a variety of file servers around an organisation. It becomes increasingly difficult to manage. Whilst Enterprise Vault does provide some tools which will help with the consolidation which is needed in this circumstances, QUADROtech’s FSA Migrator provides a sleek, fast and intuitive interface to manage all operations. Source locations can be mapped to corresponding target locations and the multi-threaded, schedule-able product can migrate the archived and non-archived files with ease. It can even do these on different schedules, and using different load on the servers.

Key Features


Migrate non-archived and archived data.

Able to specify multiple source locations and target location mappings.

Able to specify lists of specific files via command line tool.

Ability to ingest items directly from the target during the migration.

Intuitive GUI showing status and progress of the migration.

Separate schedules for archived and non-archived files.

Separate multi-threading ability for archived and non-archived files.

Can be run from an administrative workstation.

Eliminates the need for complex Robocopy scripts.

Corruption detection mechanism even for files which the EV API say extract successfully

  • FSA Migrator
  • FSA Migrator
  • FSA Migrator
  • FSA Migrator