Mailbox Analysis

When using Enterprise Vault, administrators need to analyse mailboxes to determine the age, size and message classes to find the best archiving strategy in order to help reduce the amount of email end users keep in their mailbox. This is also true for troubleshooting users mailboxes that are not being archived.

The QUADROtech Mailbox Analysis tool provides a series of reports that can quickly pinpoint issues and give an overview of the composition of an end users mailbox. The reports have drill-in capabilities so you can see which users have the most email messages, and attachments, and if they are even reading their messages.

Many users sign up for newsletters, RSS feeds, and other mass produced emails. Often there are so many messages the user may have written rules to funnel the extra messages into folders for later reading. These folders quickly build up, consume expensive storage space, cause backup headaches, and make their email client run slowly. These messages are not, by default, archived by Enterprise Vault.

Without Mailbox Analysis you have no way of seeing the insides of mailboxes so you can help end users solve the growth of their mailbox. The Mailbox Analysis tool shows attachments, unread messages, message classes, sizes, and age of messages in their mailbox.

With the information that Mailbox Analysis provides, it is much easy to solve the problem as you have the data in front of you.

The license is free of charge, if you would like to use the tool after the trial, please get a full free license. Request License