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Many consultants and customers have implemented a Lab/Demo environment to test the Microsoft Exchange archiving features of Symantec Enterprise Vault.

The toolset is able to create a specified number of users and generate a Powershell script to create Exchange mailboxes. In addition it is able to send mails from random users to other internal users and can also use CC and BCC.

To reflect the need of “production emails” with real attachments and meaningful text, you can put .msg files in a folder which will be used as a template for sending.

QUADROtech run the tool in a Test/Demo environment as a scheduled task on a daily basis to send 70’000 emails for 3500 mailboxes.

Populate EVLab

This is a trial version which will work for 30 days without an additional license.

The license is free of charge, if you would like to use the tool after the trial, please get a full free license from http://www.quadrotech-it.com/requestlicense/